Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strawberry Picking!

Last weekend we spent the day in New Braunfels, a little German town a half hour away. We shopped at Main Street and had lunch and then headed on to the real reason we had come.. Strawberries! We got our basket, found out where the best strawberries would be and headed out. Victoria was trilled. She doesn't love Strawberries, but was really excited to pick them. She eventually got down the technique and was off. I caught up with Richard and her and these are the outtakes. It took like five tries to get a decent smile. It drives Richard crazy when she makes silly faces. You can tell which one he is saying "knock it off" in.


I have decided to use this page to remember funny things that Victoria and Reed are saying and doing! Richard really worries about my memory! So I have decided to record these moments as soon as they happen lest I forget.

1. Yesterday Victoria used all of the tricks I use on her to get her to eat on me. We had Reed on the floor on his belly and she was eating some grapes. Let me mention these grapes weren't of the highest quality. In fact they were on their way to the garbage when Victoria spotted them. Mind you I have spent the last week trying to get her to eat them and now she wants them. Anyway, this was the dialogue, tell me if it sounds familiar to any of you moms.

V- Here Mom.(Forcing the grape in my face)
Me- No Thank you.
V- Taste one.
Me-That's okay.
V- Open, Open.
Me- Chewing the soggy grape.
V-That's yummy, right?

It was so funny! She has taken on a little bit of a motherly role lately. I wasn't feeling very well yesterday and she brought me her blankie and binkie. Then she cuddled up with me, which she doesn't do very often, so I was pleased.