Wednesday, July 9, 2008



Yesterday was kind of a long day and after zipping up her "underwears" package for the millionth time I must have made a frustrated sigh because Victoria looked at me and said, "I driving you crazy mommy?" It made me laugh. However, it also made me realize how perceptive she is becoming and that I need to be more careful. I don't ever want to think I am frustrated with her.

Victoria likes privacy in the bathroom. She won't let anyone stick around. "Go out please, and close the door."

Thank you Winnie the Pooh!

So I guess I should mention that Victoria is potty trained. I need to thank sweet little Sister Benevidas from our ward. She is a single Mom with 8 wonderful children. Anyway, I invited her and her family to come swimming a couple of weeks ago. With her she brought Estrela's old Winnie the Pooh potty. At first I thought oh no what are we going to do with that. I didn't think Victoria was quite ready and I knew she wouldn't be able to resist the fake flusher on this potty for very long. I think it says "Great Job" or something like that. I should know, but somehow I can't remember despite the millions of times I have heard it since that fate-full day.

Well, we took her to the store and she picked out some Princess "underwears", as she puts it, and there hasn't been any turning back. The first time she went she did her business, emptied the Pooh toilet into the real toilet and flushed before I even realized she was gone. She is pretty amazing!

She is however quite particular about which underwears she is wearing. She prefers Belle, which is a little tricky since this pair has Belle all over, not just in the front. She ends up with them backwards a lot and ends up with a permanent snuggy. This slows her down a lot at the park on the slide. Literally slows her down if you know what I mean!

Anyway, my little girl is turning into a big girl!

Mommy Reindeer!

Okay, my daughter is crazy. For some reason lately Victoria has been waking up and calling for "Mommy Reindeer". I hope she is referring to me. It is so funny. It is like some kind of inside joke that only she gets. Every once in a while she calls Reed "Baby Reindeer". Who knows!