Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Reed was so funny with this harmonica. He made this up all by himself. (watch video below)

Family Christmas photo!
Snow day Gingerbread Castle!

It was so fun! All these random cans were holding up the sides while they dried.

Our first snow storm.
My mission companion Liz with her son Joshua and Victoria at the Thanksgiving balloons in NYC the night before Thanksgiving. We had so much fun spending Thanksgiving together.

Victoria found these press on Princess nails at the Target dollar aisle and she couldn't wait to put them on. I knew they would drive her crazy, and I told her so. She turned to me very seriously and said, " Mom, these are not going to make me delirious." They lasted about five minures.

Central park shadows.


So, my sister informed me that I really should get over Halloween and post some more pictures! So, here you go! Photos of the last few months. We had a wonderful time over the Holidays. We spent a fun weekend with some friends in the Berkshires the week before Thanksgiving and then I got to catch up with my mission companion Liz Player for Thanksgiving in New Jersey. She is so amazing! Who would have thought we would get together nine years post-mission with our wonderful husbands and children. Christmas in San Antonio was warm and wonderful! It was so much fun to be with the Martinez family again. We headed straight on to Utah for New Year's celebrations. Victoria and Reed had so much fun with their cousins. We miss you all so much!