Saturday, March 13, 2010

These two got a kick out of Mr. Potato Head!
Victoria has been waiting and waiting for her Princess Tea Party! We had so much fun preparing that she woke us all up at six AM with her dress on ready to go. We invited all the girls from her preschool and it they were all so cute dressed up in there Princess dresses. We had princess food, a kiss the frog game, jewelry box painting and a pinata. Victoria loved being the "hostess"!
Victoria really wanted another Princess doll cake like last year. So, I tried marshmallow fondant and it worked out pretty well. All Victoria cared about was the new Princess dolls.
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Gina said...

Check out you and Richard's amazing cake skills! Nice!
The kids are getting so grown up!

Cristina HW said...

SERIOUSLY! i 2nd Gina. I had no idea you could make cakes like that Rachel! Beautiful!

Amanda P said...

My only question is, are we even related!!!! I am so impressed. I should fly you in to Chicago to be a birthday party planner...seriuosly. And Victoria looks so happy. I love the pictures.

Kerstin said...

Those cakes are amazing!! I can't believe how big Victoria and Reed are getting. They're adorable!

Gina said...

Hey I can't find your email address- but I need your address so I can mail you your sound machine- I'll try to call you today..
We had soooo much fun with you guys! Thanks for coming and staying with us!

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